How are Employees Protected from Retaliation in the Workplace?

Employees in Texas are protected from retaliation for objecting to discrimination in the workplace under both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Texas Labor Code.  Like complaints of discrimination, if you believe that you are being retaliated against for complaining about discrimination, you must file what is called a Charge […]


Are Victims of Domestic Violence Protected from Employment Discrimination?

Texas is an at-will employment state, and there is currently no specific State or federal law which prohibits employment discrimination based on domestic violence.  There are domestic and sexual violence employment rights laws in 16 states, and these laws, like other anti-discrimination laws, prohibit certain employers from discriminating or retaliating against employees who have been […]


Age Discrimination in Employment

Employees in Texas are protected from discrimination in employment based on their age.  However, there are certain limitations to these protections.  One of these limitations that may come as a big surprise to many is that the anti-discrimination laws related to age only apply to employees over the age of 40.  Under the law, there is […]